“The Saudi Airlines Boeing 707 banked to the left and began its descent to Dhahran International Airport. I peered out of the airplane’s window to catch the flickering orange-yellow flares that dotted the sea of red sand below. They said home to me, these flares that defined the skyscape of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. From above they winked and glowed so prettily in the oncoming dusk … on the ground they filled the air around us with a nauseating stench of rotten eggs … pungent testimony of Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth that kept the industrialized world so well-oiled and so well-heeled.” (Brownies and Kalashnikovs, p.3)









All Photos are from the archives of Fahmi Basrawi. Copyright © 2016 Fadia Basrawi. All images, text and design on this website are property of Fadia Basrawi and are protected by the international copyright laws.

2 thoughts on “home…

  1. I just started reading yout blog and I love it, I lived in Abqaiq from 9/4/54 for a year and then from 1956 to 1960 as a returning student. I was 15 when I went to Arabia and absolutely loved living in the Middle East but I have the feeling that most of the kids did. I wanted to go to ACS but I arrived in Abqaiq to late in the year to get in, I ended up going to school in Switzerland.


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